Sunday, April 6, 2014


It's been almost two years since the last Lunchtime Special update...too long!

The always fun Mocca Fest, at the Lexington Ave Armory, in NYC, brought together long time friends and Lunch Time Special bloggers, Dan Springer, Carlos Vega and Justin Leiter.

While sitting eating lunch in the new food court area set up at Mocca, they proceeded to do a bit of  sketching and quickly came up with the following two drawings.

Carlos pencilled the face on the first one, which was then embellished upon by Justin, also adding some General's white charcoal pencil highlights. Dan took over the inks on the figure with his Pentel brush pen, inking in the face and cape.  Carlos then used the brush pen to add in the castle, skull and moon. Justin then added the Spectrum Noir gray marker shading and some extra white charcoal pencil highlights.

By the time of the second drawing, Dan had walked back onto the show floor. Justin started this one out with the pencils, then began inking it using his Prismacolor .08 fine line marker. Carlos, who had taken a quick step away to check out one of the booths, came back and and did all the Copic marker tones and white highlights, with his Pentel whiteout pen. Justin then finished off inking the legs.

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