Saturday, March 29, 2008

Heroes...and Villians

Here's a sampling of some of the superhero and supervillian drawings that have made their way into our various lunchtime sketchbooks over the last couple of years. The Batman at top was first showcased in it's final colored form last year on Rob's Pencil Box Zoo blog; it's nice to to see it here in all it's black and white glory. The rest of the rundown: Spidey was penciled by Carlos and inked by Justin as was the Iron man pic. Rob contributes solo pencils with a nice Wonder Woman head sketch and Carlos and Justin provide a Penguin and Joker duet, respectively. Rob chimes in again with a super-sweet straight-jacketed Joker. Finally, two pieces that predate the Lunch Time Special, but were in the same sketchbook as a bunch of these - Rob's beefed up take on Underdog and a surprise guest! Good 'ol JESSE HERNANDEZ makes a welcome and unexpected venture into blogging territory with his very cool 2004 version of Hellboy!


FrogDaddy said...

man this website is so good, it's gotten a post out of Jesse!!! HOly crap! That's some awesome work fellas!
Rob- How could you sit on that Joker? He's brilliant!
Love the dark moody Spiderman...and really just about everything thrown up...this Lunch Time Special is the Pu-Pu Platter! Keep em coming!

The Keeper's Notes said...

Glenn! Thanks on behalf of the fabulous artists that are populating this site!! Yeh, amazing to see something by Jess, isn't it...even if it is almost four years old!!!

As for Rob sitting on the Joker...oww! I must confess to hiding him in my sketchbook this last year and a half...waiting for just the opportune moment to spring him on an unsuspecting populace!

More to come!

jason quinones said...

it's funny how that helboy looks a lot like one of his caricatures of himself!

i can't be the only one who sees it can i??

that moody spidey is awesome and the b/w bats is cool too!

cute wonder woman too!

jason quinones said...

"himself" being jesse "M.I.A." hernandez. in case it wasn't clear.

The Keeper's Notes said...

I totally agree with you Jason! I've always thought that since he drew it!! Thanks for the comments!

Anonymous said...

Man, you guys are f**in' killing me!! You're brutal!!! Justino, I'd totally forgotten about that Hellboy sketch. Cool, thanks for posting it. Love the Bats and Underdog pieces. And Wonder Woman too! Great stuff, guys. Just remove that hack job by me. Doesn't go with the rest of the cool drawings.

The Keeper's Notes said...

The Hellboy sketch stays, Jess! It totally fits alongside the other crap up here! lol..just kiddin'...c'mon, you're selling yourself short, brutha! Please, please, please draw some more..I beg of you! Por tu y por mi, mi amigo, POR TU Y POR MI!!!!!